if you ve ever thought about whether the earth could be flat you re not alone there are people who genuinely believe the earth is flat ice wall conspiracy theorist you can t fall off flat earth edge due to pac man effect sfgate ten questions you always wanted to ask a flat earther flat earth debate re some questions believe it or not there are people out there who still believe the earth is flat in fact members of the flat earth society proof found i mentioned in my original flat earth decoded vid that edinburgh in scotland means eden home so home of eden and scotland was on the outer border of the sea ice off the coast of greenland i found the entrance through the ice wall i m going in pray for me antarctica ice shelf with mountains surrounding it jpg could a game of thrones ice wall exist in real life an animation of the day night cycle according to flat earth theory over the course of 24 hours i spent a day at canada s biggest flat earth conference maybe you didn t go far enough what is the flat earth theory more and more people are talking about it according to google trends walls often fail they have unintended consequences wired inside vs outside ice rim antarctica jpg press core on twitter why don t why can t ships fall off the edge of flat earth antarctica s ice wall there is no photographic proof of an ice wall facepalm flat earth ice wall antarctica jpg why do so many nations want a piece of antarctica flat earth sign flat earthers are back it s almost like the beginning of a new religion science the guardian looking for life on a flat earth flat earth shock claim conspi reveals why antarctica holds key to proving theory weird news express co uk